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It’s been one year I live in Sleman, Yogyakarta. The town where my university exist to continue my study in master degree. Yes, You know it Gadjah Mada University. One of the best University in my country and also known as world class university. Actually, it is abit late to tell u about my experience here such as the lecture, the people, the food, the adventure, and many more but telling u in one sentence “I am Glad”. Now I will tell u why I am glad

1. Malam Keakraban (night unite)
            We didn’t realliy know each other so the event been diadakan in order to gathering us. The special from us is although we are all in Master Degree but the amount of people similar with bachelor degree. There are 59 persons in one angkatan of MIK 2017 though I don’t know clearly how many boys n how many girls. In this event there are two main section, section one introduce ur self at night with games. Section two is outbound in the morning with game challenge that so excitement.  The conclusion is ofcourse my team was the winner, hehe.

2. Sekaten
            It is annual  traditional ceremony that happening in Yogyakarta. Specificly like a night carnaval market. As with Dugderan in Semarang, Jogja also filled with various types of foods and rides. If it is about food, it may not be mentioned one by one, but the playgrounds such as the Ferris wheel, kora-kora, and the waves of romance will always be there and interesting to try. Last time I tried the kora-kora and of course it was very exciting even though it could be almost horrible because of the high swing with minimalist safety iron.

3. Arisan
Basically, this is just a beautiful hangout program like the recipients of the Communication and Information Scholarship, but it is the difference between saving and taking turns, aka Arisan. The place is usually so cute cafes in Yogyakarta so. Sometimes pay separately sometimes there are those who pay. Yes ... It depends on the fortune of each person.

4.Karaokean n Watching Movie
Events refreshing to say the routine to be some singing and movie lovers. Yes, actually wrote all the same, different is to release stress.Though basically not so stress, anyway .. hehe

5. Badminton
Agenda Badminton is one of my exercise schedule here very regularly. Initially I liked fitness, but how come boring for a long time, maybe you should pay regularly and leave, don't go, there are friends or no friends. While personally exercise routine never be left out is jogging 3 times a week and swimming at least once  a week or once in  two weeks.\

Actually, there are still many activity that we hold together, such as picnic, fast breaking together, and holding charity event in orphanage. But I can not tell u these one by one, when I get more time n mood to write , I will tell u later.



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